With this last of three volumes, Ohm once again sheds light into the mystery and reality of life in rural Midwestern America in the 1930s and 40s–highlighting special moments with a delightful trip down memory lane. The reader will step back to share anecdotes, illustrations, and photographs that deliver the simple beauty and vivid descriptions of daily life. From ” Anvils in the Clouds,” to “Peanut Brittle Parties,” and “Willow Whistles,” hard work, faith and community are all emphasized. Take this journey with the author and find a certain peace and reflection in the bare existence of a time that has disappeared forever. Purchase price is $16.95 (tax included) plus $3.00 for postage. Order from: Ken Ohm, 3006 SW Staffordshire Rd, Topeka KS 66614 or email to Ken.Ohm@hotmail.com