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Self-publishing can be exciting, profitable, and fulfilling. It can also cost you more than it should and end up being a losing project. It is our goal to help you achieve the former rather than the latter. 

This book will guide you through the
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Self-Plublishing Planning for a Better Book

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Read what our authors have to say about their experiences working with us to produce a beautiful book ready to hit the market.

Gene Brockmeier

I had been considering writing a book for a long time and had taken notes for many years. After nine months of pulling it together, a friend of mine suggested that I contact Mennonite Press. I only wish that I had contacted them earlier! I highly recommend the staff at Mennonite Press. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly and their response to questions is quick and accurate. I am very happy and grateful for their support in helping me achieve a long-time goal.

Author of Applied Critical Thinking

Gene Brockmeier

Hidden Gold: Lost Treasures, Spirit of the Flint Hills, Brown Enough.

The experts at MPI provide reliable and helpful customer service regardless of the nature of the question. They make everything easy and understandable and will walk you through the various aspects of printing your book. From initial details of copyrights, layout and cover, expect a real person to always be available for enthusiastic assistance.

Ken Ohm, Author, Hidden Gold: Lost Treasures, Spirit of the Flint Hills, Brown Enough.

Ken Ohm

Cat Tails

Are you a first-timer at trying to get a batch of words from a piece of paper onto pages in a book … then call Mennonite Press and ask for Judy Entz.  With a significant dose of trepidation, that was me with Cat Tales.  With MPI, it’s a team effort of taking your infant project and refining it through their decades of experience into your most prized possession – a book with ‘your’ name on it!  Judy was an absolute jewel to serve as a tour guide throughout the pain free process of providing a per book cost analysis, to design, to marketing ideas … and so much in between. Judy’s the best and Mennonite Press will always be my go-to printing/publishing outlet. Their team is professional to the highest degree.

Author of Cat Tails

Mark Janssen

Bob Walterscheid

“They saved my life many times”

Author of the The Old Philosopher

Bob Walterscheid

Otter in the Water

As a complete newcomer to the printing/publishing world, I’ve found working with Mennonite Press to be an amazing experience. They’ve been very informative, have given great suggestions, and have been extremely patient as I learn the process of putting together a children’s book. I highly recommend them!

Author of Otter in the Water

Julie Garrett

White Horse to Bucharest

The books arrived today and they are gorgeous.  I am so very happy with Mennonite Press’s work and so grateful for all your assistance.

Author of White Horse to Bucharest

Vila Gingerich

Think Fair Trade First!

Mennonite Press is my top choice for printing. No other press that I have tried uses the same high quality paper and binding methods. I highly recommend their work!

Ingrid Hess, Author, Think Fair Trade First!, Haiti Fair Trade Hope Book, Mr. Magnificent.

Ingrid Hess

A Mother’s Knot

What do you do when you’ve written a book that you would like to self-publish? That question sent me to Mennonite Press for the answers. I didn’t expect to ever sell my first 200 books, yet, 7 years later, I have just had my 6th reprinting! Now on my way to having over 1200 copies out! Thank you Mennonite Press for the wonderful success that you’ve helped me find!!!

Author of A Mother’s Knot

Gail Coleman

Ruth Scheer

Mennonite Press has beautifully published our children’s books. Every detail we envisioned is in these beautifully printed and illustrated books because of the diligence of Mennonite Press. They listened and adapted every detail until it was just as we envisioned it. My dream of becoming a children’s book author to inspire children to be their best selves, loving God and man, has come true!

Author of The Golden Dream, Tanya’s Easter Bunny, Halloween Ghost, The Mouse and the Angel,  Scheer Love of Poetry, Marriage & Love, Fantasy Fables, Giraffe at the Zoo, Hippopotamus, My Friend, Elephant’s Trunk

Ruth Scheer

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Mennonite Press Inc is a high-quality, affordable solution for getting your book professionally published. Self-publishing and printing for publishers has been a niche of Mennonite Press, Inc. since its beginning in 1902. 

Mennonite Press has printed memoirs, Biographies, travel guides, educational and inspirational books, cookbooks, novels, poetry books, photography collections, research books by professors, self-help books, children’s books, fiction for all levels and much more. Click below for more information.

Your Book is Ready?  What's Next?

Early in the self-publishing process, it is a good idea to obtain a quote in a range of quantities. Even though the page count or page size may change, it will help you to plan and we do not mind updating it later. The quote request form below  gives you practical choices, and we will be glad to help you plan the specifications if you would like to take the time to go over your project on the phone,
(800) 536-4686 (or visit if you are nearby).

The Easiest Way to Publish Your Book

Mennonite Press Inc is a high-quality, affordable solution for getting your book professionally published. Self-publishing and printing for publishers has been a niche of Mennonite Press, Inc. since its beginning in 1902.  Our book services include: Consultation, Copy Editing, E-Book Conversion, Cover Design, Page Layout, Illustration, Author Website, Book Registration, Digital and Offset Printing, Full Finishing Capabilities, Marketing Assistance, Warehousing and Delivery.

Uncertain About What You’ve Written? Want to Get A Second Opinion?

Our editors will read your manuscript in full, and give you detailed feedback on what the problems are and how to address them. the aim is to help you produce that final perfect draft. Our editors are hugely experienced and have helped countless people through publication. After your approval, we will promptly and effectively start the editing.

You Only Get One Shot at a First Impression

With your input and ideas communicated to our professional graphic artists, we will create a visually stunning, full-color custom cover design for your book. Your cover needs to “wow” potential shoppers into purchasing your book, since it is often the only thing a buyer will see at a quick glance. Your book needs to stand out among the sea of other books on the shelves, and a top-notch cover is one way to achieve that.


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